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A New Riding Experince: A Ninebot Segway Review

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The Ninebot Segway Mini is a two-wheel, hands-free electric scooter that comes with more enhanced safety features than its predecessors. It also boasts of a longer battery life and higher speeds. The scooter is designed to easily traverse various outdoor and indoor terrains. The unit comes with the following features:

It Comes with Enhanced Safety Features

Unlike other scooters that have been branded as fire hazards, the Ninebot Segway Mini is very safe. It has undergone a rigorous testing before being certified. It has met the highest ever standards of fire safety and electrical requirements.

High Performance Engines

The Ninebot Segway Mini is fitted with high performance engines. Its maximum battery range depends on the rider’s weight, average travelling speed, and the degree of inclination of the riding surface.

It is Easy to Ride

To master the Ninebot Segway Mini, you need about an hour or two of practice. It has been designed to make both the learning and riding experience simple. Its ergonomic design uses precision sensors in capturing your body’s movements and maintaining your balance. It has a knee control bar that allow for easy and precise steering.

It Comes with a Bluetooth Phone App

The Ninebot Segway Mini has a Bluetooth phone app that allow for LED light customization and firmware updates. The app also has antitheft security provisions. In addition, you move the scooter without having to ride it through the remote control function. The mobile phone app plays an important role in the unit’s experience. You will gain access to all the unit’s custom features once you complete its short rider tutorial.

Easily adapts to All Roads

The unit is designed to handle various indoor and outdoor terrains. It has a dual-motor engine that easily traverses 15-degree slopes. It is also capable of handling various road conditions without having to sacrifice stability and safety. It has a 3.5-inch chassis and 10.5-inch pneumatic tires that provide shock resistance that help in smoothing out bumps and absorbing vibrations as you ride.

It is Light and Transport Ready

The Ninebot Segway Mini is designed to be both portable and durable. It is just 28 lbs as it is built from a durable, superlight aluminium alloy. It is so light and compact that it can be carried, transported, and stored. You can quickly detach the knee control bar from the main frame for compact storage.

It Has a Custom Ergonomic 

The designers of the Ninebot Segway Mini had ergonomic engineering in mind. You can adjust the knee steering bar to fit your height. The knee control bar pads help in maximizing flexibility and comfort for smooth maneuvering and turning. The PU foam makes sure that you do not lose comfort from long rides and comfort.

It has an Alloy Frame

The Ninebot Segway Mini’s frame is made from magnesium alloy. This alloy is often used to construct aircrafts because it is light and durable. It is flexible and a good shock absorber. Moreover, its frame is coated with corrosion resistant materials, making it durable.

Customer Opinion

After going through a number of Ninebot Segway Reviews, I bought a black Ninebot Segway Mini from Amazon a month ago. I found it very easy to ride and did not have to spend days learning how to ride like is the case with other brands. With this unit, I can make several cheesy animations with its rear lights when not displaying brake lights or turn signals. That makes it look really good.

The motors in the Ninebot Segway Mini are very quiet and smooth. I have also noticed that it takes less effort to ride it and is less fatiguing after long rides. I rode 15 miles in one stretch last week and did not feel fatigued at all. I could have kept riding it with no problem.

I once rode that distance on my other scooter but developed sore feet and fatigued leg muscles. I think it is easy to ride it because it has a thick cushioning foam on its foot rests. I also noticed that I can stop the unit without have to step off. Riding my Ninebot Segway Mini is quite relaxing and enjoyable.

I have come to love the great features of the Ninebot Segway Mini. It came with foot placement sensors. It will know when you are standing on it. There is another sensor that makes it know when you lift it from the ground to avoid a scenario where wheels spin freely.

Its Pricing

The Ninebot Segway Mini goes for $599 on and between $1100 and $1500 in other stores. Given its many great features, this is affordable.


I would recommend the Ninebot Segway Mini to anyone who is keen on a new riding experience. is the best store to get unit from since it is the cheapest among all stores and its delivery time is quite fast. 

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