Best Place To Buy The Segway Mini Pro

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Looking for a way to transport yourself with little effort? If so, then the Segway Mini Pro is for you! For fifteen years, this ingenious vehicle has been everywhere, whether at parks, schools, or even on the streets in your neighbourhood.

 Popularized by the comedy film Paul Blart: Mall Cop, as well as by former president George W. Bush himself, this compact and self-balancing platform can get you out of the house and onto the street in no time flat…and also at an affordable price! In this article, we highlight some of the best features and the products to help you invest in your next, great riding experience. 

1. Special Features: 

· Padded knee bar for the comfort and easier steering. 

· Top speeds of the 10 mph and maximum distances of 14 miles. 

· Light-weight and very durable. 

· Sturdy tires with shock absorption quality. 

· Electricity and fire-proof. 

· Bluetooth features on mobile app (speed control, anti-theft, customized lights)

· …and more! 

2. Customer Reviews:

· “I have had my Segway for a little over a week now, AND trust me It is the best money I have spent in a long time. The only problem that I had was a flat tire totally my fault though. Anyway I called Segway Distribution and they told me I could just take it to any bike repair shop. Sure enough the bike shop in my neighborhood patched the tire and it only cost me $5.00. Also I have to give credit to the customer service department they were really friendly and very helpful. As far as the actual Segway goes, it’s everything and more than I expected. It is really well made and it’s FAST! It’s smooth. You are going to love it too.”  

–abraham eini

· “Heck of a lot of the fun, but this device will make life so much easier for my spouse, who normally suffers from PAD. We put it together the last evening and had it out in the driveway. It takes a bit of getting used to when getting on and off – can’t seem to find a way to make it hold still while we get on or off. Needs a parking brake! The starting slow speed is plenty fast – i don’t think we need it to go 10 miles an hour. The dog hates it, but we love it. The wife took it to work today, first time. It will make the parking lot walk for her so much faster and without the typical pain in the legs she suffers. As long as she doesn’t fall off the thing… Kudos for such a useful transportation device!

-D. Pierce

· “Loving it…… age 61; this has gotten to be a lot of the fun and certainly a novelty to my neighbours; I tried riding a longboard (skateboard) and really had trouble staying on it and the falls were getting pretty serious; was considering purchasing a Boosted Board (electric skateboard) and this came along; I had ridden the original Segway a couple of times on tours with the handlebars and they were fun and easy to navigate; this one, like the original, takes about 10 minutes to master the balance and controls and then you are off and going; both grown adult sons have written as well (with ease) as my wife (on carpet); really glad I made the purchase; riding it about 4-5 times a week just for fun; we are rural so no city usage yet, maybe on a vacation trip;”

-Frank S

3. Best price:

To get your money’s worth on the Segway Mini Pro, is the best way to go. At just $598.00, this item’s price on Amazon is notably less expensive compared with those sold on other websites out there, ranging from 20 to 40 percent cheaper. Not so bad for a personal mode of transport, is it?

Besides being sold at a good price, Amazon’s Segway Mini Pro also comes in two different colors—black and white—thereby giving you some options on which one you would like to buy them, according to your tastes and preferences. Plus, if you choose to buy it as a supplementary set pack with protective gear (helmets and pads) and a hands-free hoverboard, you only need to pay around $1200, which is around the same price for a single Segway Mini Pro sold elsewhere!

So what are you waiting for? It is time to get rolling with Segway Mini Pro and trust me it is the very best! 

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