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Ninebot Review

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One can never underestimate the power of mobility. Whether you are moving from your house to the office or to the grocery store, you cannot ignore transportation. You still have to be mobile even if you are sick, tired or lazy. Segway promises to solve your transportation problem through the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO. Here is the Ninebot review.

About the MiniPRO:

The miniPRO is a hands free, two-wheel electric scooter. It is not a hoverboard but a very efficient and effective transporter. It is available at Amazon.


-Can be Bluetooth controlled through an application 

-Air-filled tires and military grade shock absorbers 

-Dual motor engine with 800 watts of power each 

-Can reach top speed of 10MPH 

-Full Battery charge has a range of 14 miles 

-Has smart Building Management System (BMS) 

-High safety features including anti-theft 

-Ergonomic design 

-Comes in black and white 


-The nine bot is extremely easy to ride. You do not require any special training for you to ride this scooter. The ergonomic design uses sensors that are able to capture your body movement and help you to maintain balance. The knee control bar enables you to steer much more efficiently than any other transporter.

-The Bluetooth phone application makes the MiniPRO extremely user friendly. The app has anti-theft security that you just have to enable with your phone when you are away from the transporter. You can even customize the LED lights and do some firmware updates. You can also remotely control the transporter even if you are not riding it. You cannot fully use all the features without the mobile application. 

-The miniPRO is designed to handle all kinds of terrain. This road adaptive feature makes it easy to handle different road conditions without the risk of safety or stability. The dual motor engine can boldly traverse 15 degrees slopes comfortably. It also has the air-filled tires that efficiently absorbs all the shock that you can encounter on a hard terrain

The Ninebot also puts safety first. The LED taillights and automatic headlights are designed to make you visible around others. The lights can be customized as you see fit and are also very classy. It has also been thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets the highest standards of fire and electrical safety. You will not have to worry about any fire hazard with this certified scooter.

The miniPRO is portable and durable. The scooter is made of super-light magnesium alloy. This ensures that it is compact and light enough to be carried, transported or even stored. The knee control bar can also be swiftly detached from the main frame.

-The magnesium alloy which is usually used to construct an aircraft is extremely durable and you won’t have to worry about rust all sudden collapse. The alloy is also very flexible and it is a better shock absorber than aluminum. The frame is also coated with an effective corrosion resistant material.

-The scooter is very comfortable. The knee control bar can be adjusted to fit your unique height. The knee control bar pad enhances comfortability and makes smooth turning possible. It also has PU foam to ensure maintained comfortability even on long rides.

Customer Opinions

A customer said that the Ninebot is a great substitute for a wheelchair and it had become an extension of his body. Another customer said that the scooter is an amazing short distance transportation solution.

Another customer applauded the Ninebot as it is an EPAMD (electronic personal assistive mobility device). This means that unlike a hoverboard, it is allowed anywhere a wheelchair is allowed. Another customer who was a bit old was overjoyed that he could feel the breeze again since he no longer had the ability to run.

Customers said that this Ninebot has exceeded their expectations and cannot be compared to a hoverboard which has many hazards. Some customers were at first afraid to try the Ninebot as they thought it would explode like a hoverboard but after using the Ninebot they recommended it.

One customer was unhappy that if one tried to exceed the speed limit of 10 MPH, the Ninebot would slow down up to around 4MPH and this affected stability.

The Ninebot has a 4.5 star rating in Amazon and almost 70% of customers gave it a 5 star. Less than 9% gave it a 1 star. 

Best Price

Amazon is the best place to buy the Ninebot Mini PRO at only $598. Amazon also offers free shipping. Get yours today. 

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