Segway Mini Pro-Full ReviewSegway Mini Pro Transporter 

Segway Mini Pro-Full Review

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Looking at the self-balancing and two-wheeled transportation,Segway Mini can be said to be the next phase of evolution in the area. Segway mini is developed with a technology that makes it balance automatically depending on the movements, and this offers the steadiest ride at the same time the fastest. In this Segway Mini Review, you are going to learn about the features, customer opinions, prices and the best place to buy this amazing product.

Features of Segway Mini Pro

The product has various amazing features that turn the ride just to a great experience. First, the Segway Mini has a control shaft just in the middle replacing the handle bars of the full-sized Segway. This feature allows the users to lean with their legs and make the run. The shaft is also adjustable in height making it suitable for any user no matter the height of their knees. The control shaft also causes the user operate the Segway Mini Pro with the minimum amount of effort possible.

Secondly, Segway Mini is equipped with two rubber mats. As the users put their feet on these, they get the ultimate comfort with the shock absorption with maximum comfort. However, if it is your first ride on the Segway Mini Pro, you will feel some hurt on your feet and calves. This happens until you acclimate but this is not a big deal because you will still enjoy the ride in the long run. 

Thirdly, the product can show battery life. Just between the feet of the user, there is a power button with a screen that will always show the battery life of the Segway Mini.  This means that you cannot get embarrassed with the device since you will always know the battery life. Just below the power button and the screen is a plastic lid that can be flipped up to charge the device. The charging can take about four hours depending on the battery life.

Fourthly, Segway has a suspension system to adjust the comfort of the ride depending on the ground of the ride. This means that the users can make a ride on either concrete or grass. This has been reported to work by many of the customers, but some say that they did not try the dirt maybe because no one likes to make a ride on the dirt but it still works as long as the ground is not loosely packed and overly dry.

Fifthly, Segway Mini has a set of white LED lights just on the front. This adds a safety at night while on the ride. The device also has a set of colored LED lights that can be adjusted to display many colors with the help of the app situated at the back. As the user makes a turn, the rear lights flashes on that direction and the same happens as the user comes to a stop.

Lastly, Segway has an app that the users can download and connect to their Mini Pro using the Bluetooth. A combination of the app and the Mini Pro enables the users to see other features like speed control, Anti-theft alarm and many other beautiful features.

The device has a maximum range of 23km and a top speed of 10mph. The engine is also designed to get over different scenarios including humps and slopes with a steady stability and safety. As opposed to other hover board that must be controlled by inclining your feet, this mini pro is different as it has a control bar, the shaft, making the control easy and conceivable.

What you need to do as a user is that after you have adjusted the control shaft to your knee level, just incline it to the left or right, and it will turn. It may be quite challenging to make 360 degrees turn accordingly just on the spot, but it is not that challenging as well.  


It is vital to note that when the guiding bar is controlled on, it becomes live and therefore it should not be utilised to consistent yourself as you get on except if you want to fling off. The user, therefore, needs to venture on either the cushions then listen to the beep carefully after which you can lift the other foot onto it. It is also important to note that the cushions are quite delicate unlike adjusting on the bicycle.

After reading this Segway Mini Pro Review, it is important that you get one. The best place you can purchase this device is on Amazon and the prices there are very fair. Buy one today and enjoy the ride with no limit.

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