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Segway miniPRO Review – A Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile App Control

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At first look, many people would probably assume that the Segway miniPRO is a hoverboard, and it does somewhat appear like one, but it is actually not. The Segway miniPRO is a Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter with mobile app control, an innovation by Ninebot in personal transportation. However, it can be regarded as the original hoverboard since and following the ban on all hoverboards in February 2016, and now Ninebot has the bar rather high with their Segway miniPro.

The Segway miniPro Versus Its Predecessors

According to Ninebot, any other hoverboards available today are essentially knockoffs. However, the fact of the matter is that it looks very little like previous hoverboards. The dimensions of this personal transporter are 21.5 inches (W) x 10.3 inches (D) x 20 inches (H). Its two tires are inflatable and once inflated; they have a diameter of 10 inches. Furthermore, unlike previous hoverboards, this personal transporter is larger and slightly heavier weight of 28 pounds.

Its steering bar comes separately and has to be attached to its wheeled base/platform, which is referred to as the “mainframe.” Depending on the rider’s knees, the steering bar’s height can be adjusted accordingly. Beneath its mainframe, there is sticker that indicates that this personal transporter possess Underwriters Laboratories Certification, which is the reason that it is legally available in the United States. There is only a power button on the body of the Segway miniPRO, along with a couple of indicator lights for battery level, Bluetooth connection, lock and one that warns riders if they are riding it too fast.

Easy To Learn & Safe

The Ninebot app should be installed on an Android or iOS device before getting on the Segway miniPRO. The mobile device can then be paired with it via Bluetooth. If the app is not installed and the initial walkthrough is not completed, this personal transporter will keep on beeping constantly. The app provides plenty of valuable riding and safety advice.

Not only does the app advice against the inappropriate use of this Segway miniPRO, if it is being ridden too fast, it will automatically stop. The app also recommends that this personal transporter should not be accelerated abruptly. Anyone intending to ride it should be taller than 3.37 feet and should weigh at least 88 pounds. Furthermore, the first time someone rides it, the max speed will not go beyond 4.3 miles per hour, to ensure that the rider gets used to riding this personal transporter.

A Unique Riding Experience

The moment the power button is pressed, the Segway miniPRO balances itself immediately. Even though the riding platform of this personal transporter is higher than most hoverboards from the past, mounting it is relatively easier and simpler. There is a cushioned knee pad above each steering column. The steering bar enables the rider to steer this personal transporter and keeps the rider stable.

Once a rider has bent their knees a bit and locked them onto the pads, in order to make this personal transporter move forwards or backwards all they have to do is to lean in the appropriate direction. In order to steer to the left or right, the appropriate knee has to be gently pressed against the steering bar. It must be obvious that this personal transporter does not steer like a typical hoverboard so it may take some time to get comfortable with and used to it. 

For the first kilometer, the Segway miniPRO will not speed up beyond 4.3 miles per hour. Regardless of the speed, it will remain responsive, silent and smooth, which makes the riding experience all the more enjoyable. Stopping it is equally easy and riders will even find it easy to navigate through crowds while riding it. Moreover, they will never feel if they may loose their balance and fall off of it, whether forwards or backwards.

Pros & Cons Of The Segway miniPro

On, which is the ideal place to buy this Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter, the Segway miniPRO has an overall customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 264 customer reviews. 69% of those reviews happen to be 5 star reviews, which is a good indication that this personal transporter really is innovative and unlike its predecessors.


= It features quite a gorgeous construction

= Riding it is relatively easy

= It rides quite smooth

= It is decently fast without speeding up too much

= Its app is also easy to use

= It comes with a Bluetooth remote that can be used to control it


= It is heavier than hoverboards that were available before

= It is a wee bit expensive


Not only is the Segway miniPro from Ninebot the only authentic and true Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter with mobile app control available today, it is also the safest. The Segway miniPro is the true, original hoverboard, but is far more than that and much safer than before, which is the reason it is so highly-rated on and available in the United States.

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