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Segway miniPRO Review

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It seems that we are no more in the age of hoverboards. The advent of the Segway miniPRO has marked an evolutionary step in the world of self-balancing, two-wheeled personal transporters. Segway, in partnership with Ninebot, has utilized decades of experience and knowledge for creating safer features, stronger hardware, and smarter software for this new creation. Read on to know more about the product.

Features of the Segway miniPRO

Functionality- The Segway miniPRO has been designed to accommodate riders as heavy as 220 lbs. To use this personal transporter, you will have to be a minimum of 16 years old and must have a body weight of at least 85 pounds.

One of the most promising qualities of this unit is that it is capable of covering around 14 miles just on one charge. This is actually a pretty big distance; as a result, individuals who have restricted mobility, but don’t necessarily require a wheelchair for moving around, can use the miniPRO pretty effectively. This unit is a great tool for moving through amusement parks, airports, farmer’s markets effortlessly. However, as this device runs on battery, you must not forget checking with your airline before traveling with your Segway miniPRO.

Usability- Using the miniPRO is pretty easy. If you are a novice user, the makers have designed a beginner mode for you. Beginners should download the miniPRO app and finish the pre-configured tutorial practice. The speed limit set for the tutorial practice is just 4.3 mph; once, the tutorial practice is over, riders are allowed to travel at a speed of 6.2 mph. The speed limit of the miniPRO needs to be lifted manually. The maximum speed at which you can run this product is 10 mph. 

The mandatory steps mentioned above might frustrate experienced Segway or hoverboard users significantly. However, having these requirements is a good thing as they allow users to get acquainted with the features embedded in this new model before hitting the maximum speed.

Another key feature included into the mobile application is a unique algorithm called “black technology”. This algorithm gives the device the power of learning users’ riding style.

Riding the miniPRO is an extremely comfortable experience. One of the main reasons behind that is the unit’s height-adjustable knee bar (you can change its height from 2 to 3 ft depending on the comfort level of the user). Riders can use the knee bar for steering; it’s true that many feel that this feature makes the rider look a bit awkward, but the fact is that inclusion of the adjustable knee bar has enhanced the device’s maneuverability. According to experts, this transporter can be maneuvered more easily than the hoverboards, which are devices that steers only based on foot pressure.

Safety features- The Segway miniPRO scores pretty impressively when it comes to its safety features (at least more impressively than hoverboards). It has been found that hoverboards are extremely susceptible to fire. Right now, the matter is being investigated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. According to latest reports, the charger or the battery of hoverboards might be the culprit.

With Segway miniPRO, you are unlikely to face any such issue. The unit’s ground-breaking electronics have been combined with UL 2272, a new safety certification by American global safety certification company UL.  

Customer Feedback

The product has been receiving amazing feedback from users. However, with so much comfort, some of them want the maximum speed limit to be a bit higher than the current limit of 10 mph. The feature that the majority of the users have fallen in love with is the unit’s torque. Thanks to the Segway miniPRO’s amazing power/torque, it has been found that even people with health disorders like knee arthritis don’t find it difficult to maneuver this product. Many even say that the miniPRO feels like just an extension of the body.

It hasn’t been long since Segway launched this new product, but already many people with mobility issues have decided to replace their wheelchairs with the miniPRO. According to those users, this unit is much more useful than wheelchairs as unlike the wheelchairs the miniPRO can move smoothly through gravel, mud, grass, and sand.

Where to buy the Segway miniPRO?

The best place to buy the miniPRO is surely The listed price of the product is $1,299, but at Amazon, it is currently available for just $798. What’s more the online store is also not charging anything extra for shipping.

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