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Segway MiniPRO UNBOX DEMO | Mini Pro Personal Transporter
Segway Mini Pro Transporter 


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This is an unboxing, setup, and first ride on the Ninebot by Segway MiniPRO. We didn’t feel this video required any commentary as the MiniPRO speaks for itself. This video is purely intended for those who are on the cusp of making a purchase and looking to YouTube for content to help guide you in your decision making process.

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10 Thoughts to “Segway MiniPRO UNBOX DEMO”

  1. kckrye

    out of the box…mine wont turn on

  2. Dragoncqb

    Your music is annoying as hell

    1. Tech Chex & Vlogs

      Thanks!! Appreciate the heads up. I will try harder.

  3. Миктелс

    как его активировать?

  4. Sarah Michelle

    EXCELLENT job! Love that you showed screenshots from the app. Do you still love your Ninebot?

  5. Deep Ashar

    Your video is but boring bro

    1. Tech Chex & Vlogs

      Thanks for the feedback. Not my best work but I leave it up for the people out there who ordered or plan on ordering one who are just looking for content to keep them company while they wait for their new toy to arrive. Sorry if it bored you bro. Subscribe and let me know how I do going forward. I like feedback even when it sucks.

  6. beast -clan

    i have one

    1. Harekrushna Panigrahi

      sneakerking 101 what is its Indian price bro please reply am from odisha

  7. Georgia FOSTER

    But mine is white

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