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SwagTron T1 Hands-Free Smart Hoverboard Review

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The SwagTron T1 is a new Hoverboard model manufactured by Swagway, the company that made the Swagway X1, an older Hoverboard model.

SwagTron T1 is the first Hoverboard model to be UL 2272 certified. The set of UL’s rigorous tests includes a 10-ton battery crush test. This set of tests ensures that the product released into the market does not pose a risk of fire to customers. UL test was introduced earlier this year after the cases of Hoverboard fire became common among customers.

However, it was later noted that they resulted from the Chinese-made Hoverboards that were of poor quality. Due to this, the Hoverboards that did not pass the UL tests were banned from use. Big online selling websites such as Amazon also banned the sale of the sub-standard products to protect their customers.

The SwagTron T1 hands free smart Hoverboard was released on 31st, May 2016 as the only UL 2272 certified Hoverboard. It applies the patented “SentryShield” battery chamber. This gives the battery a multi-layer protection from the airtight aluminum chamber and a Smart Battery Management System (BMS). The Smart BMS helps in monitors and regulates; over voltage, temperature variations, battery overcharging, overcurrent and short circuiting.

SwagTron T1 also boasts other improved features such as; an upgraded motor and a gear stabilization system with an improved downhill grip. It also has a learning mode, superior tires, and high-quality aluminum wheels with excellent tires, movement and battery indicator lights and improved grip on foot pedals that help to avoid the user from falling off.

Features and Specifications of the SwagTron T1 

• A robust and durable ABS fire retardant outer body casing. 

• A maximum carrying weight of 220 lbs. 

• Minimum weight of 44 lbs. 

• Speed ranges between 2 – 8 mph i.e. 3 – 12 kph. The speed is, however, dependent on the rider’s weight, terrain, driving technique, and the prevalent temperature. 

• Charging time of approximately one hour 

• Battery life of up to 12 miles also dependent on the weight of the rider. 

• Has a high-quality lithium ion battery with patented Sentry Shield 

• Bright LED headlights 

• A product weight of 22 lbs. i.e. 9.9 kgs 

• Has a climbing capability of up to 300 gradient 

• Has a turning radius of 00  

• Have non-slip footpads 

• Has a learning mode that allows learners to try out the Hoverboard at a lower speed.


The SwagTron T1 Hoverboard is made with new technology features to provide the riders with the best safety ever achieved by any other Hoverboards in the market.

It employs the following safety measures; 

• Safe Stop Technology – this helps to avoid chances of the rider toppling off from the Hoverboard as a result of the battery getting exhausted suddenly. The SwagTron T1 Hoverboard is fitted with a beep signal to warn the rider when the battery level goes too low. It also reduces its speed to make stopping less dangerous. 

• SentryShield – Swagway uses high-quality materials in making the battery. The lithium-ion battery has an aluminum casing that keeps it off from catching fire in any condition. 

Returns / Warranty

The SwagTron T1 Hoverboard comes with a 30-day return policy. For it to be accepted back, it has to be unused and undamaged. This mainly applies to those who change their mind immediately after purchase. The customer bears the shipping costs involved in returning the product back. 

It also has a one year warranty which covers manufacturing defects. The hard casing of the Hoverboard minimizes the chances of the Hoverboard failing. The safe stop technology also eliminates the chances of the Hoverboard falling.

Ride Quality 

The SwagTron T1 Hoverboard has a high-quality ride. Extensive tests that have been done on the product gives it better maximum speed, turning speed and responsiveness. This combined with the high-quality wheels gives the rider a smooth ride. The Hoverboard is ideal for a wide variety of people. It is suitable for people weighing 44 lbs. To 220 lbs. regarding age, the Hoverboard is suitable for kids from 13 years and above up to adults.


The SwagTron T1 Hands-Free Smart Hoverboard are available for sale on the www.amazon.com website at a price of $399.99. Shipping services are also available in the USA. Delivery is in 1 to 2 days after ordering. It is delivered in a box containing; the Hoverboard, a charger, and the user manual. 

The product is expected to be released into other retail centers for sale in future.

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