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The TOMOLOO Hover Board | Mini Pro Personal Transporter

The TOMOLOO Hover Board

Welcome to my video, today I am going to open up a hover board. Hope you all like it and enjoy! I might even make a video on riding it!

New generation of TOMOLOO electric balancing scooter, compromises the top of technical intelligence, applying advantage programming language, just for bring you a never before experienced intelligent riding experience.

TOMOLOO always follows “Scientific management, high quality, excellent service, top reputation” policy, keeps to supply high quality products and best service. TOMOLOO want to change the method of our life by using science and make the life more environmental, comfortable and healthy.

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9 Thoughts to “The TOMOLOO Hover Board”

  1. Kote Galla

    are you gonna make one about riding because i ordered one just like that and i just found this video but there is no one else riding a hoverboard like the one i ordered and its comig today by 8 o clock

    1. Kote Galla

      I would love to see it

    2. Kote Galla

      Ok i already got it but if you can do it plz

    3. Allan Lam

      Kote Galla maybe🤔

  2. hnja asdf

    Hey u should make more videos

  3. hnja asdf

    Great vid
    awsome hoverboard

  4. Andy Zuo

    Almost 100 views
    Good job

  5. X-treme Random Productions

    make short films bro

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