What Is The Price Of The Segway MiniPro?

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Segway has been in the market with electric personal transportation boards for years. Recently the company launched a new self-balancing transport device called ninebot by Segway miniPRO.

The device will be a thrilling way to enable outdoor recreational activities for customers. The device comes with an onboard computer that tracks the movements of the user at almost 100 times every second and has sensors and a computer to keep the device upright.

The Segway miniPRO is an evolutionary step of self-balancing, two-wheeled personal transporters. Segway uses years of industry knowledge to develop stronger hardware, smarter software and safer features for the user. The miniPRO comes with precision sensors that automatically react to the movement of the user and maintain stability over different outdoor and indoor terrains. The knee control bar provides creative steering precision that allows the user to maneuver effectively than two-wheel hover boards.

This is the first ever personal transporter to be UL2271 certified for the highest standards of fire and electrical safety requirements established by Underwriter Laboratories. It also comes with the highest electric and fire safety certification as well as integrating the Segway and ninebot phone app to give the user access to a vast array of premium functions and features. Using the app, the user is able to remote control the miniPRO without riding it, customize lighting, view the dashboard performance and enable the tamper-proof security alarm.

The miniPRO is focused primarily on safety. The steering column that extends from the center of the Segway miniPRO is topped with a pair of kneepads that are cushioned. The pads and the bar serve two important purposes, stability, and steering.

The user bends the knees slightly and locks them on the pads and lean carefully backward or forward depending on the intended direction. To steer the user presses one knee or the other into the steering bar. The knee bar is adjustable according to the user’s height and can be changed from two to 3 feet based on comfort.

The miniPRO will not operate without the knee bar. This might seem like a flaw, as people who learned on a hover board without a knee bar are not going to want one. They might change their mind after seeing how responsive it is while maneuvering.

No matter the speed, the Segway Mini Pro Transporter is smooth, quiet and responsive. It is heavy but fortunately comes with a lift guide bar that slides out of the steering bar when not in use. The free ninebot app that comes with it is very simple with some interesting features. It lets the user see in real time the direction, speed, the Segway’s temperature and battery life.

It instantly alerts the user if the ride is too fast or unsafe. The user also has the ability to lock the device using the app, if anyone attempts to move it while in locked mode, the app vibrates the phone and the Segway sounds an alarm and tips over.

The device takes four hours to charge, rides for 14 miles and is able to travel at up to 10 mph. Every time the user goes too fast, the miniPRO beeps and leans back a little. This is aimed at getting the attention of the user to slow down. It also provides great training for first-time users.

To get it started, the rider will have to pair it with a phone and run through a tutorial. This forces the user to be specifically careful, as they will be riding with a phone in hand. It also teaches one the basics without moving too fast. The user will be able to unlock higher speeds with more usage.

The ride on is usable night or day and is simple enough to operate that riders can learn using it in minutes according to Amazon. Most customers are probably wondering what is the price of the Segway MiniPRO. Amazon is selling the device at $999, a better deal than most retailers are. While the price might seem hefty, the user experience is definitely top notch. It can accommodate riders up to 220 pounds.

The lower recommended age range and weight are 16 years old or 85 pounds. The miniPRO is a probable adaptive tool for folks who have limited mobility who do not need a wheelchair. It makes it very easy for riders to move through amusement parks, airport or a farmer’s market.

The ability to stow the unit by dismantling the knee bar makes it a great option for people who need help getting around. Because the device uses a battery, it is important to check with airlines before planning to travel with a Segway miniPRO.

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