What Segway Minipro Accessories Can You Get?

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The Segway miniPRO is by far the most discussed product among self-balancing, two-wheel scooters in social media. The Segway miniPRO is a true definition of a Segway product; The Segway line started as a scooter invented 15 years ago making people’s lives funnier and easier.

They were big and costly, so most people chose not to buy. Eventually, Segway marketed its product as a vehicle for guided tours around the world. After it was sold to ninebot, the revolution began.

The miniPRO is a lot more than a small hoverboard. It is faster, bigger and the user can ride it further. It is a safer and more fun option to the usual hover boards in the market. It is slightly costly compared to similar products, but it provides an edge that most similar products cannot achieve. Just a glance at the Segway miniPRO and it is evident it is so different from other scooters in the market. It is 21.5 inches wide, 10.3 inches deep and 20 inches high.

The device arrives in two parts, a knee high steering bar and a riding platform. The user is able to adjust the steering bar’s height to meet their knees comfortable. The wheels are also 10.5 inches and are air inflated providing a smoother ride over bumps compared to other hover boards.

Due to its size, the Segway miniPRO is heavier than other products and weighs about 28 pounds. Despite the size, the miniPRO is faster compared to other models with a maximum speed of 10 mph. The device is able to ride for a radius of 19 miles on a single charge. The user will have to charge the device for at least four hours for full charge. The miniPRO also comes with two motors for each wheel.

It comes with a knee control bar that provides the user with creative precision during steering allowing for effective maneuvering than any hover board. The primary focus of this device is safety. If it dangerously fast rides the device beeps and leans. This feature is targeted at getting the user’s attention to slow down.

Prospective users might wonder what Segway miniPRO accessories you can get in the market. Before considering any purchase, it is imperative to use accessories that are approved by Segway.

Users are not advised to modify their miniPROs, as modifications are likely to interfere with the operation of the miniPRO resulting in damage and injury. This could also render the warranty that comes with the product void.

The Segway miniPRO only has one button on its body, the power button, and indicator lights. Indicators of a fast ride, Bluetooth connection and lock. It is important to install the application on your phone before turning the power button on the miniPRO. After installation, the app pairs with the miniPRO taking you seven screens about safety and riding.

The app allows the user to see in real time the speed, battery life, and direction. It also allows the user to park and lock the miniPRO set the speed limit, customize lights, observe the device’s temperature and remote control.

When it is parked and locked, the app starts the antitheft mode that will vibrate the phone turning on the sound alarm on the miniPRO if anyone tampers with it. The device is also UL 2272 certified for optimum standards of fire and electric safety.

The device features automatic tail and headlights producing optimum visibility during the day or at night personalized from millions of color variations. The device is available on Amazon as it is the recommended retailer for North America.

It sells as $999 only on Amazon, which is the best possible price in the market. Users looking to experience a new entry into the hover board collection should buy it from Amazon for the best deals. 

The miniPRO provides a sense of meticulousness with the design as it combines many LEDs and indicators on the riding platform to provide lighting while it is being used as well vehicle diagnostics without completely relying on the app. The miniPRO provides personal transportation in a smaller package than the ordinary bicycle but heavier and bulkier than skateboards.

The device comes with a wall adapter that plugs into a port on the miniPRO’s front section. To get the device started the user has to go through a tutorial learning about the basics of its use without going fast. The user can unlock higher speeds after extended use.

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